Once upon a time...

Elisha Francis, Jewellery Designer

When I was a little girl I loved to spend time with my glamorous Jamaican, Grandma Merle. Endless hours were spent watching classic Hollywood movies and listening to Elvis Presley records. I would sit at my grandmother’s dressing table, which seemed to be at least a mile long. It was filled with the most beautiful costume jewellery, there were art deco style earrings, gold and tiger eye rings, beautiful perfume bottles from Paris, sweet smelling powder puffs, huge feather boas and an array of trinkets and pearls. I loved to play dress-up and would adorn myself with as much accessories as I how could. Grandma Merle would look at me and smile and I would climb on to her lap and kiss her fuchsia pink lips so that the lipstick would transfer on to my mouth. The two of us would laugh; it was a magical time.

Growing up in South London I learnt how to maneuver within the concrete city where fairytales were few and far between. I missed the glamorous times with Grandma Merle. One day whilst working as a sales assistant I took a spontaneous trip to John Lewis’s haberdashery department on Oxford Street during my lunch break. Entering the department I was in awe of all the beautiful beads, buttons and bows and that same feeling of excitement enveloped me as when I was a little girl.

I bought several gems and jewellery findings excited to get home and create my first piece of jewellery. The moment I started I was hooked. I loaned books from my local library, enrolled on to several short courses, sold my creations at summer fairs and craft markets and finally completed a jewellery design degree with 1st class honors in July 2013 at Sir John Cass in London.

Today jewellery is as much a part of my life as the air I breathe, each stone, crystal or pearl I use, fills me with great excitement and joy. I am committed to create jewellery that my Grandma Merle would be proud of.

I design jewellery so that I can live in that magical world in the hope that you will wear it and feel special too.